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01, Jan 1970

Fastest platform to sell all gift cards in Ghana

sell all gift cards in Ghana: Choosing a platform to trade gift cards in Ghana is all about recognizing the trading platforms that offer the best services. One of the many features that a good trading platform should exhibit is fast trading. Other features are also important, but getting your card funds ready in a few minutes is the joy of trading gift cards.

sell all gift cards in Ghana

In Ghana, most gift card traders are third party trading platforms. They collect gift cards, make payments to the card owner, then trade them on the best trading platforms. Here at Pgoldexchange , we do not only offer gift card trading at the best rates but also make it happen in a few clicks. With Pgoldexchange , there is no need for a third-party gift card trader. Anybody can Visit, trade any gift card for cedis and get instant payment for their card funds.

What kind of gift card can I trade on Pgoldexchange ?

There is a wide range of gift card variants that you can sell on Pgoldexchange . This is another upside to trading gift cards with Pgoldexchange . You do not only get to trade the most popular gift cards like Amazon, iTunes, and Walmart. Traders can also explore a variety of Beauty stores and gaming gift cards like Sephora, Nordstrom, Saks, Nike, Steam, Xbox, and Google Play gift cards.

You can also sell other gift cards like Bloomingdale’s, footlocker, Visa, one Vanilla, JC Penny’s, Macy’s store gift cards, and more. To see all the gift cards that you can sell for cedis with Pgoldexchange visit or download the mobile app on Google Play Store or Apple app store for free.

At what rate can I sell a gift card with Pgoldexchange ?

The rate for selling a gift card on Pgoldexchange varies and is dependent on the gift card you want to sell. The Dollar rate for exchanging an iTunes gift card is different from that of a Nordstrom or Xbox gift card. Another important thing is that the rate for trading gift cards could fluctuate based on some general economic or technical situation.

So, the best way to know the prevailing rate to trade a certain gift card for your local currency is to check our gift card calculator on the website or the mobile app. On the website, you do not have to own an account with Pgoldexchange  to check for the rate for any gift card. Below is how to use the gift card calculator on the website.

How to check the gift card selling rate with Pgoldexchange, gift card rate calculator

Visit with any browser (whether on a mobile device or PC).
On the Home page, locate and click on the button labelled “check rates.”
Select the gift card you want to check for and the category (if applicable). Gift cards like iTunes, Walmart, and Amazon usually have different categories. Check your card to know which category your gift card falls in and select accordingly.
Enter the amount on the gift card in USD.
The rate calculator will immediately calculate and display the equivalent in your local currency.
If you are ready to trade, you can go on by clicking “proceed to trade,” and that will lead you to the “register” page.
Register with a few details and become a full-blown gift card trader with

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