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01, Jan 1970

Step-By-Step Guide for Fixing Google Play Gift Card Errors

Do you want to know how to quickly fix the Google Play gift card error in 2023? You're in the right place.


Google Play is one of the most popular apps today, thanks to the widespread use of Android operating systems on people's phones. This platform offers a broad range of services, including games, movies, books, and music, and it's also possible to use Google Play gift cards to purchase these items.


You could even surprise a loved one with a thoughtful present with a Google Play gift card.


However, when trying to redeem your Google Play gift card, you may encounter errors that prevent you from accessing the services you've paid for. These issues are not uncommon, and you may have received messages such as "we need more information to redeem your gift card." So, what can you do to fix these problems?


Firstly, it's important to consider whether your gift card has been revoked, which can happen if it's been purchased fraudulently or if the funds have been exhausted. If this is the case, unfortunately, there is no way to fix the problem, and you'll need to purchase a new gift card.


However, if the issue is a common error with Google Play gift cards, there are several steps you can take to resolve it. This article will detail the different errors that can occur with Google Play gift cards and provide you with the necessary information to resolve them.


Common Errors of Google Play Gift Cards

The common errors of Google gift cards include:

● “We Need More Info To Redeem This Gift Card”
● “Not Activated – Code Could Not Be Redeemed”
● “You have already used this Gift Card”
● “An Unexpected Error Has Occurred”


How to Fix Google Play Gift Card Errors

In the list below, Pgoldapp suggests 5 ways to fix the most common errors that may show up on the screen when you try to use your Google Play Card.


Check out what to do if your gift card does not activate and how to proceed if the error message indicates that there are issues with your account.


Examine the Promotional Code

Examine your Google Play card to see if the code you entered is still valid. Gift cards bought in physical stores are activated as soon as the transaction is completed as a security measure, and Google cannot activate them remotely.


As a result, if your gift card displays error messages and cannot be redeemed, it is recommended that you check the registered code for typing errors. If the code was entered correctly and the problem still happens, you should call the store where you bought the card or the company that gave you the promotional code to make sure the key is still valid.


Make Sure the Code Value Is Within the Google Play Store Limit

When the available balance on a gift card exceeds the Google Play Store balance limit, the balance cannot be redeemed. The Google Play Store limits the total amount you can have in your account as well as the maximum amount that can be redeemed in a given period.


To solve the problem, you must first spend some of your account's active balance before redeeming the gift card value. Alternatively, wait for a certain period, then redeem the code again in 24 hours.


Confirm the Account Into Which You are Currently Logged

In certain cases, you may encounter difficulties when attempting to recharge on Google Play, depending on the account you are using to log in. If you were provided with a promotional key via email, it is essential to redeem the code with the same Google account that received the email.


Go to the side menu in the left corner and select "Account" to view the account that is currently logged into the Play Store. Then, at the indicated location, confirm or change the registered email address. If you received a Play Store gift code from a friend via Gmail, you must be logged into that same Google account at the time of redemption.


Update Your Google Play Account Information

If the error message refers to a problem with your Google account, you may need to update your information to redeem the gift voucher. Your transaction may have been declined due to insufficient balance or because Google saw suspicious activity on your payment account.


Depending on the error message, the solutions to problems with your Google Payments account may differ. If the error indicates that the transaction could not be completed due to an expired credit card or that another form of payment, such as Google Pay, should be used, you should update your credit card or change your payment method and try again.


Get in Touch With Google Play Support

If the "We need more information to redeem" error message keeps showing up, you should contact Google support. You must contact Google Play support and provide complete card information.


You can also contact Google Play Support if you need help with any Google Play gift card error.



Where can I sell unwanted Google Play gift cards?

Pgoldapp offers the easiest platform to sell unwanted Google Play gift cards. Pgoldapp makes it easy to sell your non-reloadable, prepaid, or unused gift cards. Apart from Google Play gift cards, other popular gift cards on Pgoldapp include Steam, iTunes, and Amazon gift cards.


How do I know if my Google Play gift card is valid?

To confirm if your Google Play gift card is valid, go to the Play Store and select Redeem. If the card is valid, it will display the balance and request confirmation before proceeding.


What can a scammer do with a Google Play Card?

Google Play gift cards cannot be used to pay for taxes, bail money, concert tickets, or any other non-Google Play Store items. Never accept gift card codes from people you don't know as payment. When you give a scammer the codes, they will almost certainly spend the money on the card right away.


Can you check a Google Play gift card without redeeming it?

A Google Play gift card balance can be checked using a computer or a mobile phone. If none of these options work, you can call Google Play at 1-855-466-4438 or go to your nearest store and ask an attendant to check your gift card balance.



This article has examined the various methods you can use to fix Google Play gift card errors. To ensure the successful redemption of your Google Play cards, remember to keep these solutions handy.


One useful solution is to contact Google Play Support. This option tends to be faster and more efficient in resolving any issues with your card and error messages.


Alternatively, you can sell your gift card for cash on Pgoldapp. We accept Google Play cards, as well as other types of gift cards, and exchange them for Naira or Cedis.


If you're interested in trading your gift card for a competitive rate and secure transaction, click here.

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