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  • What is PGOLD all about

    PGoldapp also known as PGold Exchange is an easy-to-use digital assets trading platform. PGold offers crypto and non-crypto services, which includes Gift cards, Usdt, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

  • How do I trade

    Create an account with your valid details and add your bank account / mobile money.. Start a trade by simply clicking on Trade Gift Card or Trade Bitcoin or Trade Ethereum on the home page, select the gift card you want and upload it.

  • How long does it take to trade a Giftcard?

    Normally trade takes about 5-10mins to complete However, some gift cards like Apple Store, Nike, Walmart, Nordstrom, Sephora e.t.c take more time than others. Average time will always be stated in trade confirmation but be rest assured we attend to all transactions as fast as we can.

  • How do I get paid?

    After successful validation of your Giftcards or bitcoin the trade value is added to the customer’s wallet or directly to your bank account..

  • How do I check rates?

    Click on rates option in the menu of the Mobile App. Select Card Brand and other criterias. The rates get calculated with the details u provided.

  • Why Did My Trade Fail?

    A trade might fail for adifferent number of reasons like used giftcard or invalid details, of unclear gift card images. Failed reason will always be provided to you via email and also on the app. You can always conntact support if you are unsure of the reason.

  • What Is The Difference Between eCode & Physical Cards?

    Physical gift cards refers to cards that are purchased directly from a physical store. Ecodes are digital gift card codes purchased online and mostly sent to the buyer’s email address.

  • What gift cards can I sell?

    You can sell any gift card, including gift cards for Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Sephora, JCPenny, Nordstrom, Apple Store, Google Play, Steam Wallet, Saks Fifth, Vanilla, Walmart, and more!

  • How soon will I receive my money after trading a gift card?

    We aim to complete all the trades as soon as possible, and all the payments are sent directly to your naira bank account right after the trade is successfully completed. However, certain types of gift cards (for example, gift cards for Nordstrom, Sephora, and Apple Store) take a little longer to use.

  • How Can I Trust This?

    At, we place an emphasis on unparalleled integrity and quality of work. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, and our expertise has been recognized by several newspapers and prominent social media accounts. You can review our home page to learn more.

  • Can I sell my gift card on the website?

    You definitely can. We have developed a reliable and user-friendly web interface, which allows each user to sign up and sell their gift cards directly through the website. However, should you encounter any technical difficulties, you can send a message to our support team through the contact page.

  • Where is Pgoldapp located?

    Our company’s headquarters are located in Nigeria.

  • Are you a registered company?

    Yes, we are duly registered. RC number: 1729627 Business Name: Pgoldapp

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  • Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT & Crypto in Nigeria.


    My giftcard was traded successfully and I made my first withdrawal..and got credited within 10mins

  • Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT & Crypto in Nigeria.


    Have been trading with you for the past two months now and all my trades are all going well thank you pgold

  • Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT & Crypto in Nigeria.


    They are reliable and fast and I trust in them that’s all I could say .. they are the best ????????????

  • Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT & Crypto in Nigeria.


    All thanks to Biola I can trade with rest of mind now .. keep it up pgold to the world

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